Our Mission

To provide tools that enable all schools, parents, advocates, students, administrators, teachers, and food service staff to progress from serving highly processed, unhealthy food to serving fresh scratch-cooked food.

Talking About School Food with Chef Ann

Programs + Initiatives

  • The Lunch Box

    The Lunch Box is an online resource that is dedicated to supporting school districts and food service teams in transitioning their food programs from relying...
  • Salad Bars to Schools

    LMSB2S supports schools in expanding their commitment to serving fresh fruits and vegetables by donating salad bars to school districts across the United States. Salad...
  • Mission Nutrition

    The Chef Ann Foundation has teamed up with Skoop, a superfoods company committed to bringing the health benefits of superfoods to every...

About Chef Ann

Chef Ann Cooper is an internationally recognized author, chef, educator, public speaker, and advocate of healthy food for all children.

Where is Chef Ann?


2nd Annual Roots Conference: The Chef’s Garden

Thought-provoking culinary topics and distinctive dining experiences will be the highlights of the 2nd Annual Roots Conference being held on October 19-20, 2014. Hosted by The Chef’s Garden, Inc. at The Culinary Vegetable Institute. Chef Ann Cooper will be speaking on "Waste Not, Want Not: How To Combat Food Waste & Obesity."

  • 12:00 AM
  • 12304 Ohio 13, Milan, OH 44846

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