Do One Thing

Changing an entire school food system may seem like a big task, but it only takes a little time to Do One Thing. While you’re here checking out all of our pledges, take a minute to tweet to us at #DoOneThingCAF!


This Month's Challenge

School Lunch has become the latest political battleground with endless partisan quibbling but little to no action. If we wait for Washington to solve the school food issues we face, we’ll never see healthy change. Help us take back the #SchoolFoodFight from the politicos by taking action right now. Tell your community how CAF is making real change in childhood nutrition and sustainable food. Support and share our campaign on social media tagging #DoOneThingCAF and #SchoolFoodFight.


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Changing Your School’s Lunch Program

Chef Ann Cooper suggests ways in which parents can start to change the food in their school district.