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There's a lot of important news and media out there regarding school food reform. In The Lunch Line blog we keep you informed on timely news and resources. Our Multimedia Content area is an excellent place to get inspired and entrench yourself in the issues. If you're covering school food for an article, our Press Center is designed especially for you.


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Chipotle’s RAD Lands Partners with the Chef Ann Foundation
The new children’s show is teaching kids how to make healthy eating choices while improving school food at the same time.

We all know that junk food companies have been heavy handed in their efforts to market directly to kids. It’s everywhere from the commercials that...

Multimedia Content

Through videos, presentations, infographics and more, learn about Chef Ann and school food reform--including the issues, the solutions, and people making real change.

Chipotle’s RAD Lands Partners with the Chef Ann Foundation

Celebrate RAD Lands with Chipotle & Chef Ann Foundation in support of school lunches.

Press Center

This page has been created especially for reporters, authors, and bloggers looking for key facts about Chef Ann and the issues surrounding school food in the U.S.

Blogger Program

Changing an entire school food system is a big task. If we are to succeed, we need the voices of the many to stand up and unite our country behind one vision for healthy school food. That is why we are looking for dedicated bloggers to help us spread our message.