Creating a Healthier Salad Dressing for Schools

Chef Ann Foundation Partners with Litehouse Foods

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  • July 13, 2015
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Tasty salad dressings encourage students to eat more salad, but prepared dressings are loaded with fat, sugar, and sodium that do more harm than good. While we believe that scratch-cooked dressings are the best option, we also recognize that many schools don’t have the facilities, staff, resources, or budget to make all of their food on site, including salad dressings. 

Since we are strongly in favor of salad bars in all schools, we are concerned with the lack of healthy prepared options available, especially ranch. Why ranch? It’s the most popular dressing choice among students, which is why we believe that ranch dressing should be tasty and healthy. That’s why we partnered with Litehouse Foods to create a healthy and delicious Greek yogurt-based ranch for schools that aren’t able to make their own dressings.

Litehouse Foods, our partner in this endeavor, is donating 1% of net sales of the dressing to support CAF programs. All of us at CAF are excited to partner with Litehouse to serve up a healthy and delicious dressing for school food service. Together, we really can change the way we feed our children.

For detailed information about serving the dressing in your school or to request free samples, you can contact Litehouse directly or visit their website for more information.

Greek Yogurt Ranch Dressing FAQs

How does the Greek Yogurt Ranch Dressing compare to other ranch dressings?
The Litehouse/Chef Ann Foundation Greek Yogurt Ranch Dressing has less calories, fat, and sodium than a typical ranch dressing, and has more protein. It is also free of high-fructose corn syrup, MSG, artificial preservatives, and gluten. 

Is the dressing shelf-stable?
Our Greek Yogurt Ranch Dressing is refrigerated with a shelf life of 125 days. We chose a refrigerated dressing to deliver a delicious product that kids will love without the use of artificial preservatives.

Is the Greek Yogurt Ranch Dressing “certified” gluten-free?
Yes, the dressing is Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO)-certified.

Is there added sugar in the Greek Yogurt Ranch Dressing?
There is a very small amount of added sugar (less than 1%) to enhance sweetness and taste.

What is the cost of the Greek Yogurt Ranch Dressing, and how does it compare to other ranch dressings sold for school food service?
Depending on the region, the dressing costs between $8.48 to $9.58 per gallon, and is packaged in 2x1-gallon cases. Our dressing costs slightly more than conventional options because we use real ingredients instead of flavorings and flavor enhancers. 

What amount of the sales goes to the Chef Ann Foundation?
Litehouse will contribute 1% from net sales of the dressing to CAF programs. 

How can our school purchase the Greek Yogurt Ranch Dressing?
Schools can reach out to their brokers and distributors to purchase the dressing. They can also request that the dressing be put on district bids.

You can request samples and more information from Litehouse through this contact form. To learn more about the dressing, visit Litehouse’s Greek Yogurt Ranch Dressing page.

Why did CAF partner with Litehouse to create a bottled dressing for schools?
CAF believes that scratch-made dressings are best whenever possible, but many schools don’t have the facilities, staff, or resources to make their own dressings. Kids choose ranch more than any other salad dressing, and we want that choice to be a healthy one. So we partnered with Litehouse Foods to create a healthy, delicious, Greek yogurt-based ranch dressing for schools that can’t make their own.

You say that the dressing doesn’t have any artificial preservatives, but some of the ingredients don’t seem natural, like Carrageenan gum? Why are you including it in the dressing?
CAF worked extensively with the staff at Litehouse to create a product with ingredients that we can stand behind and be proud to put on our own lunch tables. Carrageenan gum is a thickener and stabilizer (it keeps the ingredients from separating) derived from red seaweed. Learn more about all of the dressing’s ingredients.

Is Litehouse a "nut-free" facility?
Litehouse manufacturing facilities do not use nuts or nut products in their dressings and dips; however, they do not have what would be considered a “nut-free” facility. The nut-free designation indicates that there are no nut products throughout the facilities, including employee lunches, vending machines, and visitors. Currently Litehouse does not following this level of control for a nut-free designation.

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