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  • August 22, 2016
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It’s back-to-school time – our favorite time of year! – and what better way to celebrate than teaming up with an amazing company that’s working to change the way we feed our kids? We are proud to be partnering with Quinn Snacks, a Boulder-based brand that’s on a mission to reimagine classic snacks with real food ingredients, close grower and supplier partnerships, and complete transparency.

As Chef Ann Foundation works to help schools transition away from highly processed, heat-and-serve food, Quinn is making sure food companies follow suit. They lead by example, eliminating GMOs, artificial flavorings, preservatives and “unpronouncables” from their clean label snack line of popcorns and pretzels (not to mention that their products are absolutely delicious – our team has been non-stop snacking on them all week!)

Their “farm-to-bag” policy is founded on the principal that knowing where your food comes from is fundamental to changing how food is made. When companies open up, we the consumers start to seek out the best ingredients, dig deeper and drive healthy change. Simply put, transparency is the most powerful force for good in food, and Chef Ann Foundation couldn’t agree more.

The story of how Quinn Snacks got started is one that we see replicated in school food change many times over – Quinn began with a mom, hungry to change the landscape of food for the sake of her children. Through our work we see parents across the country just like Kristy that are taking a stand – saying enough is enough, and fighting for food that will nourish their children’s bodies, minds and futures. Today, you can help us do the same!

Not only is Quinn Snacks transforming the food we see in the snack aisles, they’re helping us transform the food we’re serving on school lunch trays. They’re launching a week-long campaign to raise funds that support our vision that every child should have access to fresh, healthy food every day so that they can develop healthy eating habits to last a lifetime.

This week (8/22-8/28), use discount code RealSchoolFood at You GET 10% off your order and they'll GIVE 10% to the Chef Ann Foundation. That's a Back-To-School win-win and we are so deeply grateful for the support. 

>> Head to their online store HERE.

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