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Choose the Chef Ann Foundation during your Workplace Giving Campaign!

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  • November 04, 2015
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For Human Resources Departments, fall is a busy time. They evaluate the benefits they offer their employees and run campaigns to help employees choose benefits like retirement plans and health insurance options for the coming year. Fall is also the time when they give employees the opportunity to take advantage of another great benefit: workplace giving!

Workplace giving enables individuals to donate to the charities they care about most through payroll deductions. It’s an easy way to give, and it allows employees to budget and plan out their philanthropic contributions for the next year. 

Ask your human resources department if your company has a workplace giving program in place like United Way or Community Shares. Just a few dollars per paycheck adds up to a significant contribution that can support the Chef Ann Foundation all year!

Nation-wide: United Way

If your company participates in an annual United Way campaign, you can donate to the Chef Ann Foundation by writing us in as your charity of choice on the donation form: Chef Ann Foundation, 3550 Frontier Ave, A2, Boulder, CO 80026

Colorado: Community Shares of Colorado

The Chef Ann Foundation is a proud member of Community Shares of Colorado, a workplace-giving program similar to United Way, but focused just on charities in Colorado. 

You can choose to support CAF through the following Colorado-specific campaigns:

  • Community Shares of Colorado: #5213
  • Colorado Combined Campaign: #5159
  • Denver Employees Combined Campaign: #5159

To find out if your company participates, contact your human resources or payroll departments. If you’d like more information about how your company can get involved, contact Community Shares at 303-861-7507 or

Workplace giving makes philanthropy easy for everyone! Please consider CAF when planning your payroll donations.

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