Parent Advocacy Initiative

After years of working in school districts and school kitchens, it’s clear to us that the majority of school food change begins with parents who care about their children’s nutrition at home and at school. The Parent Advocacy Initiative (PAI) provides parents with tools and resources to lead grassroots efforts for healthier meals and snacks in their children’s schools. Are you ready to be a catalyst for change in your community? Here are some next steps that you can take:


  • Visit our Get Inspired page for some important reading and eye-opening videos about the importance of healthy school food. 
  • Take full advantage of our Parent Advocacy Toolkit, which walks you through the steps to Get Educated, Get Organized, and Take Action.
  • Donate and become a CAF member today!
  • Sign up to Stay Connected through our newsletter and social media outlets.
  • Learn about our grant programs that may be available to your school district.
  • Find out how others are making changes on our Do One Thing page. 


Thank you to the Whole Kids Foundation for sponsoring the Parent Advocacy Toolkit!

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