Recipe Contest

With a shared passion for bringing healthier food into schools across the country, Chef Ann Foundation and The Dannon Company, LLC have teamed up to create a recipe contest featuring one key ingredient: yogurt!

Get creative and show us how you make savory dishes featuring yogurt that credits to the meat/meat alternate component of the USDA meal pattern. 

Why Yogurt?

Creamy and delicious, yogurt is packed with key nutrients to keep students going through their busy day.  A versatile ingredient, yogurt can be used as a healthy replacement to foods such as cream cheese, mayonnaise, and sour cream.  Best of all, yogurt can credit to the meat/meat alternate component of the USDA meal pattern. Get creative with Dannon® Oikos® Greek Nonfat Yogurt and Dannon® Nonfat and Lowfat Yogurts!

About the Contest - Contest Prizes - Recipe Requirements - How to Submit - Judging - FAQs

About the Contest

All entries must be submitted by 11:59pm MT on September 12, 2018, the final day of the contest. Winners of the recipe contest will be notified via email by September 28, 2018 and announced on the Chef Ann Foundation’s social media pages and newsletter.

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Contest Prizes

Chef Ann Foundation and Danone North America will choose 10 winning recipes.  Each winner will receive seven complimentary codes to the School Food Institute’s online courses.  As featured in the New York Times, these online courses leverage Chef Ann Cooper’s extensive experience in leading school food programs through a transition to serving whole, fresh, healthy food to kids. All courses at the School Food Institute align to the USDA Professional Standards learning objectives and will satisfy training requirements for school food service professionals.

Winning recipes will also be made available to schools across the country!  Each of the 10 recipes will be tested in a school production kitchen, taste-tested by students, and featured on, complete with nutritional and cost analysis, and USDA meal compliance. Additionally, they will be promoted on

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Recipe Requirements

  1. Recipe must contain the minimum amount of yogurt per serving to be creditable to 0.25oz equivalent m/ma. This equates to at least 1 oz of yougurt per serving.
  2. Recipe cannot be a smoothie or parfait. This is a great opportunity to show your creativity.
  3. Recipe can be a breakfast OR lunch item. Try using yogurt instead of cream cheese, mayonnaise, or sour cream for a healthier spin on a favorite dish.
  4. Yogurt cannot be used as a topping. No dips or dressings. We want this mighty ingredient to be a feature of the recipe instead of drizzled on at the end.

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How to Submit Your Recipe

Please use our template to create your delicious recipe. Finished recipes should be submitted to Photos are not required.

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Recipe Judging

All recipes will be judged on the following criteria:

  1. Scalability and Production: 25%
    • Is this recipe affordable to make?
    • Can this recipe be easily integrated into daily/weekly production?
    • Can this recipe be produced with standard school kitchen equipment?
    • Can this recipe be adapted to large batch cooking?
  2. Taste: 45%
    • Will this have taste appeal to students?
    • Is the recipe flavorful and properly seasoned?
  3. Presentation: 10%
    • Will this recipe look attractive?
    • Will the plating and appearance of food be colorful and clean?
  4. Serviceability: 10%
    • Does the recipe need additional service ware (bowl, spoon, etc.)?
    • Can it be served easily and efficiently?
  5. Creativity and Innovation: 10%
    • Is this a unique way of utilizing yogurt?

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Q: Can I submit more than one recipe?

A: Yes, you can submit as many recipes as you’d like, though each individual can only win once.

Q: Can multiple people from the same school district enter the contest?

A: Yes, certainly!  We encourage you to challenge each other to create the best recipe.

Q: How will I know once you’ve received my submission?

A: You will receive a confirmation email from us once your recipe is successfully submitted.

Q: I have the best parfait recipe.  Can I submit it?

A: Everyone loves a good parfait, but we’re looking for creativity and innovation in your submission.

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All materials submitted to the Real School Food Recipe Contest: Yogurt Edition will become the property of Chef Ann Foundation (“CAF”). By submitting such materials to CAF, entrant grants CAF the perpetual, non-exclusive, worldwide right to use the materials for all purposes in connection with their mission, including as part of social media initiatives and publications.  CAF shall retain the right to edit, adapt, or modify the recipe submission to fit within the USDA-guidelines.


Danone North America's ambition is to produce healthful foods that create economic and social valus and nurture natural ecosystems through sustainable agriculture. Bringing together portfolios of dairy and plant-based products enables us to better serve consumer's diverse preferences in high growth and evolving categories.

As a newly certified B Corp, Danone North America is taking bold steps for social good. We are changing the way many of our foods and beverages are made by evolving certain flagship brands toward the use of fewer ingredients that are more natural, not synthetic and non-GMO.

We are also working with some of our farmer partners to plant non-GMO feed. We're also committed to sustainable agriculture, water conservation, waste reduction, animal welfare and community engagement, changing the way the world eats to benefit both people's and our plant's health.

Danone North America offers innovative dairy, plant-based and coffee options you're looking for. And did we mention turnkey marketing support? That really is all kinds of better.

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Promotional Toolkit

You can use the following items to help share the contest:

  • Use this suggested copy on your preferred social media:
    • Think yogurt is only for breakfast? Show us it's not! Get your recipe used in schools across the country by entering the Chef Ann Foundation Recipe Contest: Yogurt Edition, brought to you by The Dannon Company, LLC. Learn more and submit your recipes here:
  • Include this message in your next newsletter:
    • Chef Ann Foundation partnered up with The Dannon Company, LLC to create a recipe contest featuring yogurt! Get your recipe used in schools acorss the country. Visit for rules and submit your recipe before June 30th.

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