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Chipotle’s RAD Lands Partners with the Chef Ann Foundation

The new children’s show is teaching kids how to make healthy eating choices while improving school food at the same time.

We all know that junk food companies have been heavy handed in their efforts to market directly to kids. It’s everywhere from the commercials that play during their favorite shows, to the toys that come in happy meals, to the placement of cartoon-shaped cookies on the grocery store shelves.

Sure, Sesame Street may have scaled back the Cookie Monster’s consumption and started teaching the value of moderation, but it takes more than one character, or one show to shift the paradigm.

Now, Chipotle is stepping up to the plate with their new show for kids, RAD Lands.

Healthy Food Can Be Fun Food

For some reason, we all got it in our heads that healthy food can’t be fun food, but here at the Chef Ann Foundation we have found time and time again that kids enjoy trying new, healthy foods. The naturally bright red beets can have kids fascinated. Digging in the dirt and learning how a head of lettuce grows can be mesmerizing.

RAD Lands is a show for kids to teach them about making good food choices. There are celebrity chefs, musicians, and YouTube stars who teach kids where their food comes from and how it’s prepared. It’s done in a fun way that looks and feels just like every other show made for children.

Chef Ann Foundation + RAD Lands

Chipotle and the Chef Ann Foundation partnered for the launch of the new show for a simple reason. It made sense.

We both have the goal of improving the food available to kids, whether that’s in school cafeterias or when they’re out eating dinner. Chef Ann Foundation and Chipotle both recognize the need for food that tastes good, nourishes our bodies and minds, and supports sustainable farming practices. It’s good for our health, it’s good for our environment, and it’s good for our future.

And as part of the RAD Lands launch and to support school lunches, Chipotle is donating $100,000 to the Chef Ann Foundation!

Where to Eat Tonight

We want you to eat out with your family at your local Chipotle and take the opportunity to start up a conversation about your food choices. Chipotle is a great place to do that because they’re committed to serving real ingredients sourced from farms, not factories.

Your kids are never too young to start teaching them about where their food comes from and how to appreciate the value of nutritious food.

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