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Food Education for the New Year!

1. Have you never sourced local food in your district, or just need a tip or two? Finding, Buying and Serving Local Foods, a monthly webinar series from USDA Farm to School, will get you up to speed. All presentations will be archived for later viewing. Catch it live to pose your own questions. These are also open to the public, so get informed!

2. If you’re like us and believe we need to change our food culture, don’t miss TEDxManhattan 2014! Hold a viewing party, and get these important conversations started where you live.

3. Become a FoodCorps member! Applications are open from now until March 30th. Be the next wave food education!

4. USDA proposes professional standards in the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs. As of now the proposal would:

  • Create minimum hiring standards for school food authority directors based on district’s size.
  • Establish minimum hiring standards for state directors of school nutrition and state distributing agencies.
  • Require a minimum annual training for all new and current school nutrition professionals.
  • Stay tuned for more news on proposed standards and collaborations on low-cost school nutrition professionals.


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