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Guardians of Good Food

Giving Thanks for Chef Activists

As we transition to a presidential election year, activists on both sides of the political spectrum are gearing up to ensure that the issues they care about aren’t ignored. One group is making sure that the food we grow, the animals we raise and the meals we eat are part of the presidential agenda. Chefs all over the country are saying it’s time for a smart, safe and sustainable food policy that prioritizes citizen safety and health over investor profits and board room bottom lines.

I’m grateful because activism works. Politicians aren’t the only ones hearing the message. Chefs around the country are not only raising their voices in support, they are making real changes in their restaurantsthat support local and sustainable food production, humane and healthy animal husbandry and fair trade and labor practices....

Read the rest of the blogpost: “Guardians of Good Food: Giving Thanks for Chef Activists” (U.S. News and World Report)

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