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Parents Do One Thing! – Michellee Senn

Juliano is eleven. He didn’t like the lunch they served at his new school in El Cerrito, California. The food was cold, soggy, processed, and notably less fresh than his former school in Hawaii. When Juliano came home, he often complained to his mother, Michellee Senn, a Brazilian native and trained chef.

While most parents might come to the conclusion of packing their child’s lunch, Michellee had a different approach entirely. Senn, conscious of Chef Ann’s years of work for healthy school food across the nation, knew action was required. Her solution – get into the thick it! Senn enrolled in a nutrition course shortly after, and got a job as a substitute in the district’s cafeterias.

Michellee laments that the change is slow to come. Her main duties so far include wrapping processed, frozen food for reheating. However, the issues at hand only affirm her resolution. Senn hopes with her experience in the kitchen and nutrition knowledge in tow, she will soon transfer to the central kitchen and enact real transformation. Michellee certainly has one thing right, you have to “do one thing” to start the process!


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