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Project Produce 2018

Getting More Fresh Fruits and Vegetables into Schools

May We Have Your Attention, Please!

Announcing Project Produce 2018 Grantees

Project Produce helps schools get more fresh produce into their menus by granting schools $2,000 to purchase fresh fruits, vegetables and whole ingredients used in recipe testing. The program encourages schools to get creative and develop nutrition education activities that involve peer-to-peer marketing that gets kids eating their fruits and vegetables. Districts can apply for up to five schools to receive the grant. Check out our Case Studies from the Field to see what previous grantees have accomplished.

And now please give a hearty round of cheers to these 2018 Project Produce Recipients:

Arkansas School for the Deaf – Little Rock, AR

Augres-Sims Schools- Au Gres, MI

  • Au Gres-Sims Elementary School
  • Au Gres-Sims Middle School
  • Au Gres-Sims High School

Bendle Public Schools- Burton, MI

  • South Bendle Elementary School
  • West Bendle Elementary School

Charlottesville City Schools- Charlottesville, VA

  • Buford Middle School
  • Charlottesville High School
  • Jackson-Via Elementary School
  • Johnson Elementary school
  • Walker Upper Elementary School

Conway School District – Conway, AR

  • Florence Mattison Elementary
  • Ida Burns Elementary

DC Bilingual Public Charter School-Washington, D.C.

DC Public Schools- Washington, D.C

  • Anne Beers Elementary
  • Kimball Elementary
  • Ludlow-Taylor Elementary
  • Marie Reed Elementary
  • Simon Elementary

Greenville County Schools- Greenville, SC

  • Berea Elementary
  • East North Street Academy
  • Sterling School

Malvern Public School District – Malvern, AR

  • Malvern High School
  • Wilson Intermediate School

Medford Public Schools- Medford, MA

  • Columbus Elementary School

New London Public Schools- New London, CT

  • Bennie Dover Jackson Middle School
  • Nathan Hale Arts Magnet School
  • Winthrop STEM Elementary Magnet School

Shandon Joint Unified Schools- Shandon, CA

  • Shandon Elementary School

We are very excited to support these schools through Project Produce grants, made possible by Walmart Foundation. Programming varies from school to school, each designed by school leaders based on their needs and capabilities. One school will be using their grant to cover costs of fresh produce and supplemental nutritional programming that gets kids thinking about where their food comes from and what they eat in and outside of school. Other schools will be celebrating farm-to-school week, hosting monthly tastings, and highlighting local produce on the lunch line with their Project Produce grant.

We are looking forward to seeing these schools make their projects happen!


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