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Truck Farms Need Your Help!

Here at we love the idea of mobile farms, similar to book mobiles, traveling around cities and showing students how real food is grown, in the dirt.

The crew at “Truck Farm” is doing just that! Using donated pick-ups and real farmers, they are creating a show piece that allows students to see exactly where fruits and vegetables come from. They fill the truck bed with dirt and start planting, resulting in a harvest similar to a small plot of actual land.

Our friends at Truck Farm have recruited an awesome new fleet of farmers for the 2011 growing season, but they still need a few more trucks to get the project rolling!

If you have a truck to donate, or any leads on pickups, please get in touch with Natalie Morris. They are especially in need of trucks in St. Louis, Rhode Island, Miami, Austin, Phoenix, Virginia, Tennessee and Hawaii.

Please contact with any and all ideas.

You can help this great project roll on in other ways too! Check out their website at:

Thanks! Please repost!!!


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