Salad Bars to Schools





What is Salad Bars to Schools?

Salad Bars to Schools (SB2S) is a granting program that provides schools and districts with salad bar equipment and support, such as Cambro bars, camchillers, and technical assistance.

Program Goals

  • Enable schools to offer students a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables through the use of salad bar equipment
  • Provide planning, implementation, and educational resources for salad bars (you’ll find these resources in the Salad Bars section of The Lunch Box)

Program Overview

Salad Bars to Schools launched in 2010 with the mission of donating salad bars to U.S. schools so that every child has daily access to fresh fruits and vegetables. This healthy school lunch initiative was founded by Chef Ann Foundation, National Fruit and Vegetable Alliance, United Fresh Start Foundation, and Whole Foods Market (now represented by Whole Kids Foundation), in support of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! Initiative.

Why Salad Bars? Incorporating salad bars into school lunches can increase children’s consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. Schools with salad bars offer a wider variety of vegetables and fruits, and students can choose from that variety what they want to put on their trays. Through these early, positive experiences, students develop palates for a lifetime of healthy eating.

In 2010, the White House Task Force on Childhood Obesity endorsed the use of salad bars in schools. The Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010 also supports increased consumption of vegetables and fruits. This Act increased serving requirements for produce and added new requirements for legumes and vegetable subgroups. Salad bars are a great way for schools to meet these fruit and vegetable requirements while offering variety. Check out the Salad Bars to Schools 2013 Salad Bar Evaluation Executive Summary & Infographic for more information on the benefits of salad bars.

About the Equipment: Salad bar kits (approx. $3,283 value) include the salad bar, camchillers for keeping food cold, and food pans. These 6-foot, five-well Cambro salad bars are appropriate for locations that serve at least 100 reimbursable meals daily.

Salad Bar Resources:

Program Impact

In 2018, we awarded 305 salad bars - impacting 152,500 students across the country!

Students feel they control what they are eating and implementing the salad bar has increased participation and encourages the students to eat healthy weekly. — Salad Bars to Schools Grantee 

Program Eligibility

Any district or independent school participating in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) is eligible to apply for a salad bar grant. Schools/districts must offer the salad bar as part of the reimbursable meal.

As a managing partner of Salad Bars to Schools, CAF helps school districts through the application, fundraising, and fulfillment processes. For questions regarding salad bars, please contact



Let’s Move! is an initiative, launched by First Lady Michelle Obama that is dedicated to solving the challenge of childhood obesity within a generation, so that children born today will grow up healthier and able to pursue their dreams. 


The Salad Bars section of The Lunch Box provides detailed technical guidance for implementing salad bars in your district.